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Thursday, February 18, 2010


On Friday, February 12th, Best Friends Wakefield Doggy Day Campers attended a Valentine's Day party. Each guest had a "date", thanks to the wonderful matchmaking of our very own Camp Counselor, Lindsay. No one was left without an escort to this party.

Skye and Max were voted unanimously as the "cutest couple", although Max almost found himself in hot water when he brought Valentine's for the TWO ladies in his life, Lola and Skye. Careful maneuvering on the part of the staff kept his secret safe...... he's such the ladies man! Best kisser went to Lola and Henry walked away with Cupid's Helper.

Keepsake photos were taken and Valentine goodie bags given out.

Plans are in the works for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day bash in March and Spring Fling in April. Can you believe Spring is just around the corner??? Check back for updates.

And, with Spring coming that means PUPPIES!!! Don't forget Best Friends hold training classes so the little youngsters can start out on the right paw. Call us today for more information and enrollment.

Is it time to "Spring clean" your best friend??? Schedule him/her for a day at our grooming salon to take care of all that built up winter muck in his/her coat.