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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Best Friends Wakefield held it’s second annual St. Patrick’s Day Party yesterday in our Doggy Day Camp. Twentyseven dogs attended and we had a photographer from the Wakefield Observer come out to take pictures. The paper is published weekly on Thursdays so keep an eye out for next week’s issue.

The day started with photographs taken of each guest with Auntie Lindsay (see the slideshow for all the photos taken).  I’d like to give her special mention for the fabulous job she did with the decorations. Also, a thank you shout out to Uncle Scott for his help. We couldn’t have done it without them.

After pictures, the guests enjoyed refreshments. The menu included ice cream, smoked chewy treats and a doggy “stogie” (all natural cookie in the shape of a cigar). Then, the fun and games began!!

Otis S. attended his first day of camp yesterday and walked away with the award for “Cutest Leprechaun”. As the youngest camp member, at a mere five months old, he took this prize hands down. Don’t let his size, cute face or sweet expression fool you. This boy has a glint in his eye and will be a contender some day. He held his own and made himself right at home.

Harper O. dazzled everyone with her Irish Step. This girl is ready for Dancing with the Stars!!! She had such speed, grace and agility. Her movements were effortless. She insists she’s never had any professional training, but there were some doubters in the audience.

Juno Y. left his competition in the dust when it came to “Fastest Runner to the Pot of Gold”. He is, afterall, a Toy Australian Shepherd and used his inbred ability to his advantage. Jaws dropped and gasps could be heard when he turned on a dime and changed direction. No one was expecting that move! Just look at those piercing blue eyes.

“Most “Charm”ing Personality” went to Buster F. Buster credited his win to his breed. When interviewed he had this to say: “Peepulz don’t no wut all uz puggyz haz bin throo. We haz lotz of sponsibiliteez.” He wouldn’t elaborate but left the impression that Pugs are vital to our survival and thus the perpetual worried look on their faces.

Max M. ended the day with a song and won “Best Rendition of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. The range on this boy is amazing, considering his young age. He truly is a prodigy. This is the second year a Beagle has taken this title.

Best Friends Wakefield holds it’s Doggy Day Camp Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. We are pleased to announce that we now have a session on Saturdays from 9am-2pm. If you’d like your dog to participate in the fun, call us today to set up an interview at 781.245.1237. The more the merrier!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Friends is Spotlighted at the NJ Super Pet Expo

At the New Jersey Super Pet Expo Danielle, the manager from our Windsor, NJ location was interviewed for the "How Cute is Your Pet" segment of The Cute Pet Gazette. Check out her interview about Best Friends Pet Care.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Dogs bark. It is a form of communication, something to do when bored and an attention getter. Think about children you've seen out in public having "tantrums" to get what they want. They scream and cry for candy and mom gives in. If your dog barks at you for attention or for a treat or to go outside and you reward him by giving him what he wants, what does he learn? Like a child he learns that the behavior gets him what he wants.

There's no need to debark a dog. Training, training, training!!! Training is really just a lifestyle and it's a lifetime of consistency and repetition. We need to teach our canine companions what we expect from them. They don't understand our language or our social habits. The best way to do this is by consitently rewarding for behaviors we want. What do you think would happen if you had a dog that was barking at you for a treat or to play ball and you turned your back on him and walked away from him instead of giving him what he wants? He's going to learn that barking doesn't work. You're likely to see him try "throwing" behaviors at you... in other words trying something else... maybe an unwanted behavior like jumping or pawing. Well, ignore these as well. Now he doesn't know what to do and he sits!!! BINGO!!! Praise him and give him his treat/reward... now he'll start to get it. When he's quiet you can start to attach a "cue" to the quiet behavior. So now when he sees the neighbors cat outside the window or some other "intruder" he'll still bark to alert you but now you can tell him "quiet" for him to stop.

Screaming or yelling at your dog to stop barking doesn't work. He thinks your joining in!

If you have a puppy, please start from day one. They are little sponges at this point and it will be so much easier on you if you start from now. Yes, I agree.. it's so cute to have a little puppy jump up on you but what happens when that puppy grows up to be a big dog that will knock you or someone else down? Not so cute any more, huh?

Nuisance barking is completely controllable and preventable. Make sure your dog is happy, well exercised, trained and healthy.

The AKC has a Public Education page on it's website that talks about barking and other areas of concern for dog owners.

Best Friends Wakefield offers training from puppy kindergarten to advanced classes. Both group classes and board and trains are available. Call us today at 781-245-1237 to reserve your spot in class!!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010